New album "SHADES & COLOURS"
Coming April 2016


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About MG

Music... a universal language that binds us, moves us, inspires us. My name is Mychael Gabriel. I make the kind of music you listen to with the your shades on, windows rolled down, cruising the highway, in your "car make/model HERE".

I consider myself a multi-instrumentalist, but guitar is my main squeeze. I've worked in the industry as a musician and engineer with up-in-comers as well as seasoned professionals. However, my passion has always been writing and creating something entirely new. My love for music spans across all genres - and it is my intention that it shows in the fibers of each song. I love stories, and to me each song is telling a different one from the human experience. With some imagination, a few breathtaking melodies, heart pounding rhythms, and entrancing harmony or two - you can bring that story to life... each note bringing forth a sound as reminiscent as the spirit of the past and as daring as the possibilities of the future.

If you have taken the time to read this - for one am humbled. I am also thankful and petition you to participate with me on this journey as we go forth, in order to bring into existence a new beginning, in the expression, which we call music.

Tour Dates

Coming soon - stay tuned.