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GALAXY - Coming Soon

This is my passion project. I've spent nearly 2 years crafting this piece. You might call me selfish because I write these songs and like to keep them for myself until a feel like sharing them. With the blood, sweat, and tears spent on this record - I feel it is 24 tracks of bliss. I wanted this to embody everything I love - 80's music, b-movies, converse shoes, mariachi's, sombreros, haunting melodies, leather jackets, red cars, sunglasses and explosions.


(8 tracks)
A prelude to the "GALAXY" album - "Cruising On A Starscape: Triptych" or C.O.A.S.T. is a reflection of many things. What started off as a couple "little tunes" became a venture into crafting more than just three songs - but an art piece. This was the kickstarter for what has become my passion project: Galaxy... but there's more to that story.

The Warriors

(3 tracks)
Inspired by the 1979 film of the same name "The Warriors" is a triptych with a sound that beats to a different drum.


(3 tracks)
Parts of the heart are often described as being tri-layered... three in one. "The Heart: Triptych" is an art piece designed much like the human heart - a sonic representation of human emotion told in three parts... three layers.

Alice In Wonderland

(3 tracks)
The sound that started it all. My in infatuation with Alice and The Wonderland realized through the eyes of my music. "Alice In Wonderland: Triptych" features three songs bent on the intention of evoking a sense of madness, wonder, and beauty all at once. However, it didn't start out that way.

White As Snow

My take on Christmas. This is what the Holiday's means to me.