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Ghost In The Midnight EPK

EPK - Official Videos


What makes a performer a star? Musical chops, charisma, dance moves, and a terrific singing voice? All of that helps, but a true musician knows that the picture isn't complete without the passion and understanding of music history. Mychael Gabriel has it all down pat. As the musical collaborator and lead guitarist for the legendary percussionist Sheila E, his performance skills and stage presence are beyond argument.

Just in case you're wondering whether he's got that out of the box creativity, he's brought along his vivid imagination for the video for "Ghost In The Midnight," his official solo single. The funk-rock singer-songwriter performs right in a series of outrageous outfits, all of which he pulls off with style to burn. Hanging behind him are garment racks with a number of nostalgic outfits connected to his musical upbringing in the heart of what has become to be known as the Minneapolis Sound.